Cell: a smart vertical farming kit.
Currently in development.
For humans to live in space, we must learn to farm in space.
Habitat Science's mission is to build life support for space colonies. We are building Cell to learn how to grow food in space. What we are learning also lets us grow food in the most challenging places on Earth.

Cell can grow a range of plants. It waters itself, tracks crop health and controls its climate.

You can teach Cell to grow new plants, using its API to control its hardware. Join our open community of Cell users and hackers.
Grow strawberries in any climate
Cell's smart climate control lets you grow throughout the year, no matter what the weather is outside.
Never over-water or under-water again
Cell automatically and precisely waters your plants 24/7. All you have to do is keep it plugged in.
Enjoy a clean, healthy harvest
Cell does not need herbicides and Cell's AI will detect pests and help you remove them.
Follow your crops wherever you are
Use your phone to check in on Cell. It will tell you when its harvest time, when plant food runs low or if something is wrong.
Made for makers
Cell is an open platform that comes with an API. Developers can modify and improve how it runs, write apps to teach it to grow new plants that can be shared with the Cell community.
About us
We are a group of makers who love geeking out on space travel and growing food.
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